My name is Guru Prasad, but I go by the name of Necromancer online. I work for a gaming company called Dhruva Interactive in Bangalore, India, as a senior character artist.

大家好,我是Guru Prasad,但是我在网上的名字为Necromancer。目前我在印度班加罗尔的一家游戏公司Dhruva Interactive工作,我是一名高级角色美术师。

The David & Diana Apparel Creation Contest | David & Diana 服装创作大赛

Participating in contests is a good habit. You learn a lot by sharing your WIP in the contest forum, receiving input from other contestants, and trying to complete your asset before the deadline.


The 18th-Century Dress | 18世纪的裙装

I was looking for very clean, fresh, elegant and cool-looking references. I wanted to do something which relates to the character pose, so after collecting a lot of references, I decided to go with an 18th-century dress.


The main challenges were making flowers and leaves, the layering of clothes one on top of the other, making birds in Marvelous Designer and selecting a color theme for the character.

这个设计的主要难点就在于制作花和叶子,裙装层层叠加,使用Marvelous Designer制作鸟,为人物选择颜色主题。

Marvelous Designer and Substance Painter | Marvelous Designer和Substance Painter

Starting in Marvelous Designer, I basically use the default library assets for all my clothing as these are really good as a beginning point. Then I try to adjust according to the project’s specific needs. After adjusting the cloth, I export that to Substance Painter with default settings.

我使用Marvelous Designer开始制作,基本使用的都是服装的默认资源,这些用在创作之初都是非常不错的。然后根据项目的具体要求修改调整。调整完成面料后,使用默认设置将其导出到Substance Painter。

Breakdown | 步骤

I start by collecting references for garments, such as those shown.


After collecting references I jump into Marvelous Designer for creating clothes. Marvelous Designer is one of the tools that allows quick and easy garment creation with natural folds.

收集完参考资料后,使用Marvelous Designer创建服装。Marvelous Designer 是一款非常不错的工具,然后使用自然褶皱可以迅速,简便地创建服装。

Let’s start creating some clothes in Marvelous Designer. The first step is to import the avatar (Diana Base mesh) .obj or .fbx.

现在开始使用Marvelous Designer创建一些服装。第一步就是导入化身(Diana Base模型).obj或者.fbx。

Create the fabric pattern as shown, with layer 0 in simulation properties.


Arrange patterns in the 3D window to wrap around the avatar properly and sew the pieces, adjust the garment, then simulate.


Consider working on each part of the garments separately by freezing the rest of the garments.


Repeat this process for all the fabrics with layer 0, layer 1, layer 2, etc. in simulation properties.


Try to use default material presets [Cotton preset for most of the fabrics] at particle distance 10-15.


Select UV Editor and rearrange the UV shell for maximum usage of space.


Once you’re satisfied with the result, change particle distance to 5 and simulate. Export your fabric with these settings:


Now let’s start importing the Diana model and fabrics into Substance Painter with the following settings:

使用以下设置开始将Dianan模型和面料导入Substance Painter。

The image below shows the number of texture sets used for the project.


Now let’s start baking some maps [AO, Curvature, world space normal] in Substance Painter.

现在开始在Substance Painter中烘培一些贴图[ AO 环境光遮蔽,Curvature 曲率,,世界空间法线 ]。

Click on Bake Mesh Maps as shown in the left image and then load clothes in High Definition Meshes, as shown in the image on the right. Adjust the settings according to your needs to get a good result.


The gif below shows the texturing workflow.


Repeat this process for all the other parts.


As mentioned earlier I was aiming for a clean and fresh-looking character. I would like to give credit to Mysticalpchan for providing those beautiful lace patterns.


I think layer instancing and smart materials are the most powerful features in Substance Painter. Layer instances help you to share the content of one texture set to the multiple texture sets. For Marvelous Designer, try using basic library fabrics; these are really good as a starting point.

我认为层链接和智能材质是Substance Painter中最强大的功能。层链接有助于将一组纹理内容分享给多个纹理组。就Marvelous Designer而言,可以尝试使用基本的面料库;这些能成为我们创作的良好开端。

I will definitely continue to use Marvelous Designer and Substance Painter in all my personal projects; these software tools play a big role in my pipeline.

我在所有的项目中当然会继续使用Marvelous Designer和Substance Painter;这些软件工具在我的创作中发挥了很大作用。